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Program Outreach Initiatives

• To connect with resources to teach both parents and children skills seperately, later coming together to practice and reinfoce these skills.

• In 2005- “ACHIEVE” campaign was the proud recipient of award from American Lung Association of Maryland Community Grant Fund in the amount of ($10,000) ten thousand dollars. Through the great relationship and partnership with organizations like these, we have been able to aid in the reduction and elimination of tobacco use.

• Through the (ALAM) grant in which we received in 2005 this enabled our organization to:  survey 500 African American Youth,  and successfully hosted a “Live Long, Live Strong, Don’t Smoke” workshop, with 10 faith-based organizations participating in “Survey Sunday”. Additionally we launched a billboard campaign, and organized a “walk” in the Turners Station Parade, and where we held our ASHtravagnza Health Fair.  Through the successful partnership with American Lung Association of Maryland, Athena Deane ACHIEVE program coordinator, received a scholarship to attend the National Conference on Tobacco and Health in Chicago.

• In 2006 with private financial support, “ACHIEVE” held a Community Health Fair, the event featured in the local newspapers that expressed our event’s vision to encourage at-risk youth to refrain from tobacco use and informing them of the dangers of secondhand smoke. In addition, Baltimore County Department of Health Tobacco Coalition were in attendance, coupled with representatives from various other health entities that supported the venture, including Shiloh Baptist Church of Baltimore County.

• 2007-2011- ACHIEVE host annually a Community Health Fair, participates in Smoke Free Holy Ground, sponsored Smoke Free Sabbath, and various other community awareness programs helping to aid in this fight.


Our Back-To-School initiative is an on-going effort to help economically disadvantaged families with children to start off the new school year with many of their school-related needs met in a 'one-stop destination.' To the effort we plan to partner with various churches, agencies and suppliers to help meet the need of the disadvantaged in our community.

Due to the existing economic conditions, it is almost certain that there will be a greater number of families that will need supplies. Help us help a family - DONATE.

Adult Information Technology Literacy Training
This program was designed to create pathways to technology competence for adults and teenagers alike. Advances in technology have “upped the ante” for adult literacy by redefining the skills people need to function successfully at work and in everyday life. We recently identified through a published article that technology has the potential to attract and motivate adults with limited literacy skills, give them greater privacy and control over their learning, and adjust instruction to different paces and learning styles.

Our program focuses primarily on two areas:
  1. 1. Providing access to our technology literacy training program to assist learners with knowledge development of hardware and software?
  2. 2. How to overcome barriers to understanding a more effective use of technology?

1 Journal of Literacy and Technology
2 Technology Today: Practice vs. Knowledge

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